HD Dunav AD-Vratsa (4D8) The report can be found on the financial web-site... more
 Synergon Holding AD-Sofia (6S7) Notification of the increase in capital of the subsidiary of Synergon... more
 Bulgarian company will supply Sensata sensors Central Energy Repair Base was selected to supply sensors for... more
 The Board of Directors of BSE-Sofia has adopted the following decision at its session held under Record of... more
 Drujba Glassworks AD-Sofia (4DR) The report can be found on the financial web-site... more
 Skladova Tehnika AD-Gorna Oryahovitsa (SLA) The report can be found on the financial web-site... more
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26.10: Aves 94 JSC - Cherni vruh [Insolvent]
26.10: Sigma Rent SPJSC - Sofia [Liquidation]
27.10: CEZ Distribution Bulgaria JSC - Sofia
27.10: IMS Napredak JSC - Plovdiv
28.10: Grafobal Bulgaria JSC - Svoge
28.10: Ilindenci Mramor JSC - Ilindentzi
28.10: Olimpic JSC - Veliko Tarnovo
28.10: Real Estate - Pomorie REIT - Sofia [Liquidation]
29.10: Fohar JSC - Sofia
31.10: CBA Asset Management JSC - Debeletz

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 REFA-Germany Training
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 Bulgarian Institute for Foreign Trade BIFT
Training and education aiming to increase the skills and knowledge of Bulgarian managers and entrepreneurs in the field of foreign trade
Bulgarian auditors WEB presentation
  26.10: 6 years of the establishment of the National Council for competence assessment
26.10: St. Dimitar’s day – builders’ day
29.10: Birthday of the Internet
30.10: Back to the astronomical time - scroll of watches with 1 hour back
01.11: In 1900 in the town. Sofia first street lights lightenings
01.11: Day of the Leaders of the Bulgarian Revival
05.11: Day of Metallurgist
06.11: Elections for President of Bulgaria
10.11: Day of freedom of speech in Bulgaria
15.11: In 1990 the name of the country was changed to Republic of Bulgaria
20.11: World Children's Day
01.12: In 1972 Bulgaria is listed as the 18th country in the space register of the UN.
06.12: St. Nicholas
08.12: The Day of the Bulgarian studentship
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Last financial data

 Gitex LTD SPLTD - Bourgas
 Rum Oil LTD - Pravetz
 Vila Yambol SPJSC - Yambol
 Black sea gold JSC - Pomorie
 Domaine Boyar International SPJSC - Sofia
 Ivena Commerce - Valentin Shotev ST - Sofia
 Vinex Preslav JSC - Veliki Preslav
 Union gaz oil SPLTD - Sofia
 Hydrostroy - Sestrimo SPLTD - Plovdiv
 Palfinger Produktionstehnik Bulgarien SPLTD - Tcherven bryag
 Balkan echo SPLTD - Kravenik
 O.M.S. Saleri Åastern Europe SPLTD - Vratza