Bulgarski Transporten Holding AD-Plovdiv (6B2) The report can be found on the financial website... more
 HypoCredit AD-Sofia (9RTE) HypoCredit AD hereby informs that on 17 April 2019 the company has acquired 110... more
 Super Borovets Property Fund REIT-Varna (6SBA) BSE has received the materials of the General Meeting of... more
 Bulgartabac Holding AD-Sofia (57B) The extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Bulgartabac Holding... more
 Pazardzhik BTM AD-Pazardzhik (4PZ) BSE has received the materials of the regular General Meeting of... more
 Bulland Investments REIT-Sofia (5BD) The extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Bulland... more
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19.04: Autotransport and mechanization Bulgaria JSC - Plovdiv
19.04: Bitova Technica - Garant JSC - Plovdiv
19.04: Bultrex LTD - Plovdiv [Insolvent]
19.04: Calcit JSC - Asenovgrad
19.04: Dilia JSC - Sofia
19.04: GTIM JSC - Plovdiv
19.04: Harmoni hils 1 JSC - Sofia
19.04: Hidromad Ruse SPJSC - Rousse
19.04: Kofrazhna tehnika JSC - Plovdiv
19.04: Lemecon JSC - Elhovo

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 REFA-Germany Training
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 Bulgarian Institute for Foreign Trade BIFT
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  25.04: 39 years since the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) was established in 1980
28.04: Easter - the biggest holiday in orthodox Christian beliefs
01.05: Official Holiday
06.05: St. George's Day - Day of Bulgarian Army
09.05: Day of victory over Hitler's fascism
24.05: May 24 is an official holiday in Bulgaria
26.05: Elections to the European Parliament
30.05: Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of SFB Capital market JSC
06.06: 140-anniversary of Bulgarian National Bank
11.06: Professional holiday of economists in Bulgaria
16.06: 11 years - XETRA in BSE-Sofia AD
28.06: June 28 1914 Sofia Stock Exchange constituent meeting held
01.07: 22 years of Currency board in Bulgaria
15.07: 25 years Private Vocational School "Banker"
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