BNB head: Bulgaria's economic growth is one of the highest in the EU Banking sector performance improves for... more
 Grips-PVC expects at least 10-12% increase in sales of artificial fir trees during the season The Bulgarian... more
 SLS Realty REIT-Sofia (ERQ) Notification of a change in shareholding under Art. 19 of Regulation (EU) No.... more
 Sopharma AD-Sofia (3JR) Notification by Ognyan Donev under Art. 19 of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 of the... more
 Bulgarplod-Sofia AD-Sofia (BULA) The company hereby informs of a delayed interest payment on the corporate... more
 In view of a received notification of a delayed interest payment on the bond issue of Bulgarplod-Sofia... more
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10.12: Agropromproject 2000 JSC - Sofia [Liquidation]
10.12: Meat Factory Lovech JSC - Lovetch
10.12: Meat Factory-Karlovo JSC - Karlovo
10.12: Osam Commerce JSC - Lovetch
10.12: Pasat JSC - Sofia
10.12: Pig breeding house Zimen JSC - Zimen
10.12: Prista avto JSC - Sofia
10.12: Real Bulland JSC - Sofia
10.12: Svinecomplex Dunav JSC - Lovetch
10.12: Svinecomplex Krumovo gradishte JSC - Krumovo gradishte

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  15.12: International Day of Customs.
24.12: Christmas Eve
25.12: Christmas Day
26.12: Father's Day
27.12: In 1947 is closed Sofia Stock Exchange and is transformed into a department of the Bulgarian National Bank.
27.12: St. Stephan Feast
01.01: Happy New Year!
02.01: January 2 - the first working day of "Capital Market" for 2020
04.01: Sofia Liberation
06.01: Feast of the Holy Theophany/Epiphany
07.01: St. John The Baptist Feast
17.01: Antonovden
28.01: 22 years from the opening of the subway in Sofia
01.02: 108 years since the first Stock Exchanges Law in Bulgaria
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