May 24 is an official holiday in Bulgaria
May 24 is the official holiday of Bulgarian Culture. This is St.St Cyril and Methodius and Slavic Alphabet Day.

Sunny Beach, 65 years old
Sunny Beach started working on 1 June 1959 with the opening of the first newly built objects in the Neptun Restaurant and Hotel Kalina, as well as the registration of the first Czechoslovak tourist tourist Frantisek Sylvester. More than 200 hotels, restaurants and other retail outlets, which each year attract millions of tourists, are already located in Sunny Beach. Besides the tourist infrastructure, the natural resources and the many sunny days, the biggest resort in Bulgaria is also a rich cultural history, part of which is also the holding of the Golden Orpheus International Music Festival (1965-1999) is still famous for a great stage, made a number of famous performers and brought many world names to Bulgaria.

International Children's Day
International Children's Day is celebrated for the first time in 1927 - the second Sunday after Easter Sunday on mironostsite. Conceived and launched by the Union for the Protection of Children in Bulgaria, it is guided by the Supreme Committee chaired by Bishop Stefan. Were created thousands of dining, children's camps and summer resorts in the monasteries. Celebrated it with literary programs and children's activities. After the 1950 day is proclaimed on June 1, marking International Children's Day.

144 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian lev
On June 4, 1880, the Law on the right to mint coins in the Principality of Bulgaria was promulgated and entered into force. With this law, the national monetary unit "lev" was created, divided into one hundred parts - "stotinki", and the weight, metal content and images of the Bulgarian coins were determined. From the day of promulgation of the law, all governmental and municipal institutions in Bulgaria, as well as private individuals, are obliged to accept levs and cents and issue documents for monetary transactions with amounts in levs and cents.

145-anniversary of Bulgarian National Bank
6 June 1879 - The BNB effected its first banking transaction 6 June 1879 the government remitted 8,697,043 francs, two million of which as the Banks authorized capital, and the remainder as a deposit.

Extraordinary parliamentary elections in Bulgaria and Elections for members of the European Parliament
By Decree of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, the extraordinary parliamentary elections and the elections for deputies in the European Parliament, which will be held on June 9, 2024, are scheduled on the same day.

Professional holiday of economists in Bulgaria
The Day of the Economist is celebrated on June 11, 2005 by a decision of the Council of Ministers on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the establishment (1895) of the first Bulgarian Economic Society in Bulgaria, renamed in 1990 to the Union of Economists in Bulgaria. The scientific society, founded in 1895, contributed to the creation of a liberated Bulgaria and continuously participates in the construction of a modern and European Bulgaria. A whole galaxy of famous Bulgarians have been members of the society, it has given Bulgaria a series of prime ministers, ministers, academics. Its members were even such proven masters of the pen as Ivan Vazov and Aleko Konstantinov.

Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of SFB Capital market JSC
The Board of Directors (BoD) of SFB Capital Market JSC with headquarters in Sofia, on the basis of Art. 223 of the Commercial Code convenes a regular annual general meeting of shareholders (AGM) on 26.06.2024 at 10:00 a.m. in the city of Sofia, 76 Chataldzha Street, with the following agenda and draft decisions to it: 1. Report of the Board of Directors on the company's activities in 2023; draft decision - the General Assembly accepts the report of the Board of Directors on the company's activities in 2023; 2. Approval of the company's annual financial report for 2023; draft decision - the General Assembly approves the annual financial report of the company for 2023; 3. Release from liability of the members of the Board of Directors for 2023; draft decision - the General Assembly releases the members of the Board of Directors from responsibility for their activities in 2023; 4. Decision on distribution of the financial result for 2023; draft decision - OSA accepts the positive net financial result realized in 2023 to be used to cover uncovered losses from previous years. 5. Miscellaneous; draft decision - the OSA makes a decision on issues additionally included in the agenda according to Art. 231, para. 1 Z. Invites all shareholders to attend the general meeting in person or by proxy. The registration of participants in the general meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 10:00 a.m. The agenda materials are available to shareholders at the company's office. In the absence of a quorum, on the basis of Art. 227 of the Articles of Association that the meeting be held on 12.07.2024 at 10:00 a.m., at the same place and with the same agenda.

Opening of the 33rd Olympic Games in Paris
The XXXIII Summer Olympic Games will be held in 2024 in Paris, France. In addition to our familiar athletic disciplines and a total of 28 sports, this time we will also see competitions in breaking, skating, surfing and sport climbing. The largest sporting event begins on July 26 in Paris and continues until August 11, when all new Olympic medalists will be announced.

June 28 1914 Sofia Stock Exchange constituent meeting held
On February 21 1912, the Parliament adopted the first Law on the stock exchanges, which was promulgated in the State Gazette on February 28 the same year. Sofia Stock exchange obtained official permit to start operating and started effective activity on June 28 1914, only a few days before the beginning of World War I. On May 25 1915, the Stock Exchange Regulation was adopted by a Decree. All issuers of securities, such as banks, production and trading companies, were invited to register for participation in the stock trade. On December 18 1917, the Sofia Stock Exchange issued a Regulation for the Internal Order of the stock exchange and decided three trading sessions to be conducted each week. On January 20 1918 the stock exchange was officially opened. It was the sole stock market in Bulgaria until its nationalization on December 27 1947 when it was transformed into a department of the Bulgarian National Bank and discontinued its activities until 1992. On April 8 1992, Sofia Stock Exchange (currently SFB Capital Market JSC) organized the first public trading session in Bulgarias new economic history. In 1997, Bulgarian the capital market integration process was completed and Bulgarian Stock Exchange Sofia JSC officially started operating on October 21.

27 years of Currency board in Bulgaria
The currency board in Bulgaria was introduced in 1997 after the severe economic crisis in 1996-1997. Due to systemic failure of the Bulgarian Government to effectively manage public finances, the IMF agrees to assist the Government only when the currency board. The Currency board was introduced on July 1, 1997 the Law on the Bulgarian National Bank adopted on June 10, 1997. Functions of a currency board are assumed by Bulgarian National Bank. The law fixes the exchange rate of the Bulgarian lev to the Euro in 1000 for 1 Deutsche Mark (after the introduction of the Euro in 1999 - 1955.83 euro to 1) (after the denomination of EUR 5 July, 1999 - 1.95583 BGN for 1 EUR).

Denomination of the Bulgarian lev came into force on July 5, 1999 A new lev was equal to 1,000 old Bulgarian lev. International Standardization Organization (ISO) has introduced a new code lev

30 years Private Vocational School "Banker"
On July 15th Private vocational school "Banker" Celebrating 30 years anniversary. In addition to the compulsory curriculum in school are taught subjects such as: accounting, banking, stock exchanges and transactions, statistics and more.

50 years - Bulgarian nuclear energetics
On September 4, 1974 was put into operation the first reactor of the nuclear power plant in Kozloduy.

September 6 - Official Holiday of Bulgaria
September 6 is the Day of the Union of Eastern Rumelia with the Bulgarian Principality in 1885.

25 years since the first issue of Business Industry Capital
The e-edition of BIA "Business Industry Capital" celebrates 25 years since the first issue of the electronic edition of the Bulgarian Industrial Association in 1999 - Business industry capital ". Publisher of "Business Industry Capital" is Bourse Information Company "Capital Market" - a sole-owner of the Bulgarian Industrial Association specialized in business information. The company supports the Information System for Bulgarian Enterprises - BEIS .
For 25 years, the edition has established itself as a preferred business and media partner for more than 36 000 subscribers from the country and abroad. In the sea of ??information provided by the Internet, Business Industry Capital manages daily in Bulgarian and English to briefly present the most important of the economic events in Bulgaria - financial, corporate, stock and news from the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA).
The main mission of our publication has always been to promote the Bulgarian economy and the Bulgarian business. And through articles like "Get to know Bulgaria", which quickly became a favorite reading for both Bulgarian and foreign readers, "Business Industry Capital" conducts a broad campaign to promote cultural and natural sites and events in our country. In it every day is presented briefly traditional Bulgarian holidays and customs related to them, famous Bulgarian personalities and their short biography, as well as information about various beautiful places and landmarks of Bulgaria.
25 years are not a small period for a single edition for an electronic media. Our publishing team has accepted the challenge of further developing Business Industries Capital as a publication to make more friends and partners of Bulgaria, BIA and the Bulgarian business.

Official Celebration of the town Sofia
September 17 is the official holiday of Bulgaria's capital Sofia. The decision announced on 17 September for a celebration of the capital was taken in 1992 by decision of the Municipal Council. On that day bouquet day celebrate all that bear the names Faith, Hope, Love and Sofia.

The Independence Day (Bulgarian National Holiday)
On September 22, 1908, Bulgaria declared its full independence from Ottoman control. Signing the Bulgarian Declaration of Independence nullified the harmful clauses of the Treaty of Berlin under which the greater part of the railway lines in Southern Bulgaria were under the regimen of capitulations (as Turkey's property) which entailed the payment of an annual tax to Turkey. After the Treaty of Berlin (1878) Macedonia remained under Ottoman rule, while after the wars and the peace treaties (Bucharest, 1913, and Neuilly, 1919) the greater part of it was incorporated into Serbia and Greece. The idea of the national unification of the Bulgarians was fatally doomed, mostly by the policy of the imperialist diktat, but for those affected it was impossible to abandon it. An armed struggle began which in its content, organizational methods and purposes was a continuation of the Bulgarian national-liberation movement of the 70s of the 19th century. However, the Ottoman rulers were pushed out of Macedonia and Adrianople Thrace not by means of a democratic revolution but through Bulgaria's, Serbia's, Greece's and Montenegro's military might in the First Balkan war of 1912.

REFA-basic course has started in Sofia
The basic REFA qualification course on the topic: "Organization and management of the company and optimization of production processes" has started, which will be held from October 3, 2024. The course is held in two modules. Each module consists of 80 study hours (8 study hours per day of 45 minutes). Those who successfully pass the final exams receive an internationally recognized REFA-certificate. More information about the training at