NSI celebrates 137 years since the establishment of a statistical institution in Bulgaria
On June 25, 1880 by Decree 296 is formed Statistical-organizational division of the Ministry of Finance. With Decree 712 of the National Assembly by August 19, 1881 was established Bulgarian state statistical institution. Department of Statistical it vazvisyava in self Statistical Office with the task to collect, process and published each year, statistics on all branches of government and all events relating to the physical, economic, intellectual and moral state of the state.

June 28 1914 Sofia Stock Exchange constituent meeting held
On February 21 1912, the Parliament adopted the first Law on the stock exchanges, which was promulgated in the State Gazette on February 28 the same year. Sofia Stock exchange obtained official permit to start operating and started effective activity on June 28 1914, only a few days before the beginning of World War I. On May 25 1915, the Stock Exchange Regulation was adopted by a Decree. All issuers of securities, such as banks, production and trading companies, were invited to register for participation in the stock trade. On December 18 1917, the Sofia Stock Exchange issued a Regulation for the Internal Order of the stock exchange and decided three trading sessions to be conducted each week. On January 20 1918 the stock exchange was officially opened. It was the sole stock market in Bulgaria until its nationalization on December 27 1947 when it was transformed into a department of the Bulgarian National Bank and discontinued its activities until 1992. On April 8 1992, Sofia Stock Exchange (currently SFB Capital Market JSC) organized the first public trading session in Bulgarias new economic history. In 1997, Bulgarian the capital market integration process was completed and Bulgarian Stock Exchange Sofia JSC officially started operating on October 21.

20 years of Currency board in Bulgaria
The currency board in Bulgaria was introduced in 1997 after the severe economic crisis in 1996-1997. Due to systemic failure of the Bulgarian Government to effectively manage public finances, the IMF agrees to assist the Government only when the currency board. The Currency board was introduced on July 1, 1997 the Law on the Bulgarian National Bank adopted on June 10, 1997. Functions of a currency board are assumed by Bulgarian National Bank. The law fixes the exchange rate of the Bulgarian lev to the Euro in 1000 for 1 Deutsche Mark (after the introduction of the Euro in 1999 - 1955.83 euro to 1) (after the denomination of EUR 5 July, 1999 - 1.95583 BGN for 1 EUR).

Denomination of the Bulgarian lev came into force on July 5, 1999 A new lev was equal to 1,000 old Bulgarian lev. International Standardization Organization (ISO) has introduced a new code lev

International Kissing Day
International Kissing Day takes place on 6 July in the UK. However, the day has now been adopted worldwide and is also known as National Kissing Day or Kissing Day.

Anniversary of the opening of the highway "Trakia" (2013)
Under construction for 40 years "Trakia" highway connects Sofia and Burgas after a July 15, 2013 was officially opened last section of the track from its junction "Zimnitza to the Municipality. By 2009, the average had built a 9 km "Trakia" highway until then become 60 km per year. length of newly constructed route of the highway "Trakia" is about 34 km. overall length of Lot 4 of Yambol to Karnobat is 49.08 km, of which the first 15 km were completed and put into operation in August 2012 Artist of the segment whose price is 209.646 million lev was Association "Trakia IV" OCAC .. The first sections of "Trakia" Begun back in 1975 Ten years later operation enters route Sofia - Plovdiv. motorway project must connect Sofia and Burgas via Plovdiv. overall length is 368.5 km. Towards November 1999 are willing 173.5 km. during 2000 the Council of Ministers approves the borrowing of 100 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB) sections Rice Stara Zagora and Bourgas - Burgas. Bulgarian co-financing is 140 million. For the last three sections with a total length of 115 km. apply for funding from the European Commission through the operational program "Transport". The value of the grant is 699 648 287 lev VAT. Cohesion Fund of the European Union has allocated 513 970 279 lev and the state budget spent 185 678 007 Levs

23 years Private Vocational School "Banker"
On July 15th Private vocational school "Banker" Celebrating 23 years anniversary. In addition to the compulsory curriculum in school are taught subjects such as: accounting, banking, stock exchanges and transactions, statistics and more.

43 years - Bulgarian nuclear energetics
On September 4, 1974 was put into operation the first reactor of the nuclear power plant in Kozloduy.

September 6 - Official Holiday of Bulgaria
September 6 is the Day of the Union of Eastern Rumelia with the Bulgarian Principality in 1885.