Petrol AD-Sofia (5PET) Petrol AD has submitted a copy of the publication of the notice of appointment of the... more
 Bulgaria is fifth in inflation in the EU Although inflation in the European Union declined in general in... more
 Bulgartransgaz Creates Subsidiary for Gas Distribution Hub Bulgartransgaz EAD has set up its subsidiary Gas... more
 A shrimp farm will start work in September near Svishtov A shrimp farm will be set up in Svishtov's village... more
 EU agrees to extend steel import curbs until 2021 The European Union will limit imports of steel into the... more
 Sopharma Trading AD-Sofia (SO5) Sopharma Trading makes the next step in expanding its operations on the... more
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20.01: Hudson 2010 JSC - Varna
20.01: Overseas Horizont JSC - Varna
21.01: Barrofarma JSC - Sofia
21.01: Eme 97 JSC - Smolyan
21.01: Imoti-S JSC - Sofia
21.01: Javor ID JSC - Asenovgrad
21.01: PricewaterhouseCoopers Bulgaria SPLTD - Sofia
21.01: Salon 2011 JSC - Sofia
21.01: Sasanidi JSC - Sofia
21.01: Sozopol Yachting JSC - Sofia

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 Industry Reports
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 REFA-Germany Training
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 Bulgarian Institute for Foreign Trade BIFT
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Bulgarian auditors WEB presentation
  20.01: 101 years since first stock exchange trading session in Bulgaria
23.01: Meeting of the Managing Board of Bulgarian Industrial Association
25.01: 140 years since the founding of the Bulgarian National Bank
28.01: 21 years from the opening of the subway in Sofia
01.02: 107 years since the first Stock Exchanges Law in Bulgaria
01.03: 6 years from the start of
01.03: Baba Marta (Grandma Marta)
03.03: March 3 - National Holiday of Bulgaria
31.03: Daylight Saving Time in Bulgaria
01.04: April 1 - Day of humor and fun
08.04: 27 years since the first public trading session in Bulgaria
10.04: 40 years of flight in space on the first Bulgarian astronaut Georgi Ivanov
16.04: 140 years since the adoption of the Turnovo Constitution
25.04: 39 years since the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) was established in 1980
28.04: Easter - the biggest holiday in orthodox Christian beliefs
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 Alpi-2010 LTD - Stamboliyski
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