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Cargill Bulgaria SPLTD - Sofia


Sofia, 1404
ul Todor Kableshkov 71, ofis- sgrada Kargil Tauar, et.1
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 175130884
Capital (BGN): 5 000

Branch: Wholesale of grain, seeds and animal feeds
Registered Actitity: Buying, selling, processing, processing, import, export, distribution and conducting any other activities and services permitted by law, in connection with agricultural and related goods and agricultural products, including in particular all kinds of grains and seeds Initial processed or processed form after registration required under Bulgarian law, purchasing, owning, renting and operating the trucks, wagons, barges and other vehicles, acquisition, construction, ownership, rental and operation of elevators, loading and unloading facilities and conducting any other activity that is not prohibited by law

19.09.2019: BGN 6.1 million given to 10 companies BGN 6.1 million is given...
10.04.2013: Commission for Protection of Competition approved of...

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