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Etropal trade LTD - Etropole


Etropole, 2170
191 Ruski Blvd.
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 122055819
Capital (BGN): 5 000

Branch: Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods
Registered Actitity: Consulting, representation of local and foreign entities, manufacturing and marketing the established order with all legally permissible goods, any other activity not prohibited specifically by law.

07.06.2017: Synthetica AD-Sofia (EHN) The extraordinary General Meeting of...
09.05.2017: Synthetica AD-Sofia (EHN) BSE-Sofia has received the materials...
04.04.2013: Irregularities in the finances of the manufacturer of medical...
02.02.2009: Etropal JSC and its subsidiary Etropal Trade has won a public...
20.02.2008: Eurohold Bulgaria AD-Sofia, BSE code - EUBG, has notified...
20.02.2008: Etropal, Bulgaria's only manufacturer of hemodialysis equipment...

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