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Telegraf Media SPLTD - Sofia


Sofia, 1527
ul. Ekzarh Jiosif 119
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 130446187
Capital (BGN): 72 000

Branch: Publishing of journals and periodicals
Registered Actitity: Media and publishing activity, distribution, marketing, advice, commercial activity, representation and mediation, information and impresario services.

07.01.2010: 168 hours SPLTD has lodged a complaint with the Commission for...
05.08.2009: The Commission for Protection of Competition allowed the...
11.02.2009: Overgas Natural Gas Company would file statements of claim...
23.01.2009: "The Standart is not for sale and I have no intentions on...
26.08.2008: The Commission for Protection of Competition allowed New...
08.06.2004: The national statistics institute has announced invalid the...

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