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Aladin Foods LTD - Sofia


Sofia, 1324
zh.k. Lyulin, bul. Evropa 119
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 115271421
Capital (BGN): 5 000 300

Branch: Restaurants
Licences & Certificates:  Food Manufacturer
Registered Actitity: foreign and domestic trade with all kinds fo goods, consumer goods and victuals, shipping, warehouses, leasing, commercial representation and mediation in the country and abroad, transportation, restaurant keeping, hotel keeping, tourist services, advertising, trade with electronic devices, wholesale and retail trade with industrial goods, commercial representation and mediation of Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal entities, distribution, leasing, transportation services.

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17.02.2016: Aladin foods starts offering franchise partnership Fast food...
19.08.2015: Bulgarian fast food chain Aladin Foods eyes expansion in...
26.05.2015: Fast Food Chain, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency Clash over...
06.03.2015: Bulgarian fast food chain Aladin Foods attacks the Romanian...

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