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DFK JSC - Bourgas


Bourgas, 8000
ul. Probuda 79-81
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 201017606
Capital (BGN): 4 389 900

Branch: Management activities of holding companies
General Meetings: Last - 03.06.2019 
Registered Actitity: Purchase of ferrous and nonferrous metals for resale in original, processed or modified form, sale of goods of own production, import and export, export, re, barter, trade representation and mediation, commissions, freight forwarding and transportation transactions and foreign currency transactions, transactions with intellectual property, advertising, information or other services, purchase, construction or furnishing of real estates for sale, leasing, marketing and engineering trades, manufacturing of agricultural products varxu Renting / leased / land animal production, processing and these are connected conversion performance of manufacturing services, mechanized, agrochemicals, transport, construction, trade, made the processing of agricultural products, industrial products, internal and external trade in agricultural products and their derivatives, production and purchase of goods and other items for sale, ship supply, ship agency, ship operation and all transactions related to shipping, storage, advertising, information services, distribution, bread and pastry production, organization of auctions, exhibitions, bazaars, second-hand, stock control, internal and international tourism, impresario activities, organizing shows, restorantaorska and hotel business, carrying passengers and goods at home and abroad, production and sale of furniture and clothing, frahgovane, chartering, brokerage, trading of petroleum products and any other activity not prohibited by law .

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