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2R-Bulgaria SPLTD - Plovdiv


Plovdiv, 4000
bul. Maritsa Yug 186
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 160079213
Capital (BGN): 5 000

Branch: Manufacture of lighting equipment and electric lamps
Licences & Certificates:  Certificate ISO 22000 Certificate ISO 9001 Certificate OHSAS 18001
Registered Actitity: Manufacturing, marketing and operations in the country and abroad Lighting and consumables, engineering, manufacturing, consulting, service and marketing of cars, trucks, materials handling and construction equipment, spare parts and consumables, transactions and abroad, import-export, barter or re-manufacturing, purchasing, processing and wholesale and retail sale of food, industrial, chemical and agricultural products, household goods and other items, and goods produced by the company, disclosing shops, restaurants, cafes and bakeries, international road transport, cargo, cargo transport and taxi passengers and cargo in the country and abroad with their own and hired transport, purchase, construction or furnishing of properties for sale, advertising, hospitality, warehousing, leasing, consignment, commissions, and freight forwarding transactions and commercial representation and intermediation and other business transactions, which are not prohibited by law, do all of the services that are not prohibited by law.

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