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Shenel - Shaban Shaban ST - Prileptsi


Prileptsi, 6631
Str. Prileptsi 42
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BULSTAT: 108014597
Capital (BGN):  

Branch: Production and preserving of meat
Registered Actitity: Trade in any goods not prohibited by law in their own retail network and in other places permitted by law and their sale in levs of ivaluta, subject to currency regulations, mediation / with permission of a competent body / of foreign companies, domestic and international transport, passenger taxi services to individuals and legal entities in the country and abroad, opening a shop, barter deals with foreign companies, growing buyout, fattening of live animals and sale of animal products processing and sale of fruits and vegetables, grilled beer, restaurant, preparation and serving of dishes, salads, serving of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, confectionery, chocolate, tobacco products, nuts and other specialties, production and sale of hot snacks, coffee and tea, opening of coffee-aperitifs for entertaining games such as chess, backgammon, cards, dominoes serving soft drinks, coffee, tea, cigarettes, knitting services, sewing and ple dressing and sale of ready-made garments, building services - new construction, repair and assembly of iron structures, shoemaking, hairdressing and barber services, repair and filling of gas lighters, glass services, repair of all kinds of electric household appliances, video and sound recording, sale of video and audio tapes, repair of radio and television sets and tape recorders, manufacture and sale of confectionery, nuts, seeds, growing and selling of flowers and ornamental plants, brokering activity purchase and sale of movable and immovable property, any type, car repair services on all vehicles, vulcanization and balancing tires, hotel services, purchase, repair and sale of used items, clothing for domestic use.

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