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Dira Frukt SPLTD - Skrat


Skrat, 2897
ul. Evtim Dojichev 7
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 200877421
Capital (BGN): 5 000

Branch: Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
Registered Actitity: Purchase of goods or other property in order to resell them in their original or processed form, sale of goods of own manufacture, production and marketing of clothing apparel and knitwear, shoes and other leather goods, CMT, agency and brokerage , commission, forwarding and transport operations in the country and abroad, own or rented car, transportation, storage deals, licensing deals, stock control; xotelierski, restorantaorski, travel, advertising, information, software, impresario, computer and Internet services, rooms computer games purchase, construction or furnishing of properties for sale or rent, lease, taxi services, repair services, logging and wood processing, import and sale of motor vehicles and auto parts, car wash, international transport and any other activities prohibited by law.

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