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GBR Property JSC - Sofia


Sofia, 1517
ul.Vitinya 2zh, bl. Ofis sgrada, , Beni bilding'', et. parter, ap. ofis 1
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 203234028
Capital (BGN): 661 837

Branch: Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
General Meetings: Last - 05.01.2018 
Registered Actitity: Purchase, construction and furnishing of real estate for sale; building and construction-repair activities; business through import, export, barter, commission, re-export, leasing and other transactions and operations; purchase of goods and / or other items for resale in original, processed or processed form; domestic and international tourism; construction and operation of company shops in the country and abroad; intellectual property deals; e-commerce of goods; business mediation, representation and agency of local and foreign persons in the country and abroad; passenger and freight transport services in the country and abroad; advertising, information, impresario activities, as well as all other activities not expressly prohibited by law or other normative act.

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