Short Company profile

Klepalo SPLTD - Sofia


Sofia, 1000
bul. Gen. Totleben 30-32, et. 7
phone: 02/915 3810
fax: 02/915 3843

Company Figures

BULSTAT: 201282323
VAT No: BG201282323
Reg No: n.a.
No of employees: 2 (2016)
Profit/Loss (thous. BGN): 255 (2016)
Net Sales (thous. BGN): 527 (2016)
Fixed Assets (thous. BGN): 2 357 (2016)
Capital (BGN): 1 333 000

Branch: Manufacture of electricity
Registered Actitity: Construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants, generation and transmission of electricity, purchase of goods or other items in order to sell them in their original or processed form, selling goods from its own production, agency and brokerage, commission, forwarding and transportation activities , storage, licensing activity and so on carrying out stock control, intellectual property transactions, advertising, information, software and other services, purchase, construction or furnishing of real estate for sale and / or exploitation, brokerage transactions and other transactions prohibited by law.

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