Short Company profile

Group Trans Energy LTD - Sofia


Sofia, 1504
bul. Patriarh Evtimiji 19B, et. 4, ap. A

Company Figures

BULSTAT: 201195719
VAT No: BG201195719
Reg No: n.a.
No of employees: 2 (2020)
Profit/Loss (thous. BGN): -1 108 (2020)
Total revenue (thous. BGN): 3 (2020)
Fixed Assets (thous. BGN): 14 492 (2019)
Capital (BGN): 640 000

Branch: Distribution and sale of electricity
Registered Actitity: Construction and operation of commercial facilities, management, marketing, leasing, brokerage, research, design and construction - contracting services in the field of infrastructure construction without restrictions, including roads, ports, airports, railways, trolleybus, tram and cableways, water supply, sewerage, electricity grids, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, heat pipelines and related facilities, engineering and abroad, design, construction and construction - assembly, production, delivery and installation of equipment for all kinds of objects, production and marketing of electricity energy / after acquiring a license / collection, disposal, treatment, recovery, temporary storage, preliminary treatment, recovery and / or disposal of municipal, construction and industrial waste / after, the necessary permissions / and perform all other services and activities not prohibited by law or regulation. activities that require prior authorization (licensing) of the relevant state or municipal authorities will be carried out after obtaining the necessary documents.

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