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2 Greate LTD - Varna


Varna, 9000
zh.k. Zapdna Promishlena Zona, ul.Neptun No 8, et. 3
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 200659554
Capital (BGN): 5 000

Branch: Other activities in customised software production
Registered Actitity: Web development and graphic design, manufacture business software selling software products, design and prepress of promotional materials, retail grocery, internal and external trade, trade in automotive parts, fuels, oils and greases, cleaning buildings, homes, offices; commercial representation and mediation; import and export of goods and services; consulting and commission services; transportation, hotel, tourism, advertising; purchase of goods and items for sale in original or processed form; construction and installation; Object detection caterers; production and marketing of agricultural products and all other activities permitted by law.

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