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Viking Life-Saving Equipment Production BG SPLTD - Radinovo


Radinovo, 4202
Industrialna zona 14, ul. Vtora 195-198
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 202761020
Capital (BGN): 4 519 559

Branch: Other manufacturing n.e.c.
Registered Actitity: Manufacture, sale, purchase, trade, export, import, rental, storage, repair, maintenance, installation and rescue services, life-saving equipment and personal protective equipment in the broad sense including but not limited to: Selling, distributing and servicing rescue and life-saving equipment such as life rafts, rescue boats, anchor cranes, drop hooks; Manufacture, sale, distribution and servicing of diving suits, lifejackets, rescue buoys, pyrotechnics, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatus, emergency evacuation apparatus, security equipment, fire extinguishing equipment, personal protective equipment and tools, accessories and spare parts for such Equipment; The provision of all ancillary activities such as education, instruction, training, advice, guidance on the above-mentioned equipment; Representation as an authorized service workshop of the viking a / c manufacturer as well as equipment belonging to third parties; As well as any other activity that is not prohibited by law.

22.11.2017: Danish Viking Life-Saving Equipment starts construction of a new...

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