Short Company profile

Rodopaimpex Bulgaria JSC - Sofia


Sofia, 1000
ul. Doktor Georgi Valkovich 5, et. 1
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 204665661
Capital (BGN): 200 000

Branch: Production, processing and preserving of meat and meat products
General Meetings: Last - 08.10.2017 
Registered Actitity: Purchase of live animals, chilled and frozen meat, milk and dairy products, purchase of goods for sale in original, processed or processed form, production of goods for sale, production of agricultural and livestock production and sale, hotel, tourist, restaurant, advertising, warehouse, leasing, commercial representation and mediation, production and sale of coffee, soft and alcoholic beverages, transportation, forwarding, commission, information, program, impression artistic activities or other services, barter deals, purchase, construction and furnishing of real estate for the purpose of sale, production of films, sound and video recordings, currency transactions with the appropriate permission, and all other activities not prohibited by law.

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