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Modul SPLTD - Aksakovo


Aksakovo, 9154
zh.k. m-t Chanlaka P.I.00182.45.47
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 103846775
Capital (BGN): 5 000

Branch: Renting of automobiles
Registered Actitity: Purchase of goods or other goods in order to resell them in their original, processed or processed form; production of goods for sale; forwarding, warehousing, leasing; commercial representation and mediation; transportation, hotel, restaurant, tour operator and tourist agent activity, after a license; informational, program, impresario or other services; intellectual property deals; purchase, construction or furnishing of real estate for sale; transactions with foreign funds in stock / exchange office / after a license. Google Преводач за фирми:Преводачески инструментариумПреводач на уебсайтове Всичко за Google ПреводачОбщностМобилни устройства Всичко за GoogleПоверителност и Общи условияПомощИзпращане на отзиви

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