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Heross LTD - Plovdiv


Plovdiv, 4003
Georgi Benev No 24
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 825311860
Capital (BGN): 358 000

Branch: Manufacture of light metal packaging
Licences & Certificates:  Certificate ISO 9001
Registered Actitity: Production of caps of the "twist off" kind, metal products, consulting, engineering in the field of canning industry, import and export of industrial and consumption goods, marketing and advertising, joint-venture enterprises, modernization of production, intermediation and participation in Bulgarian and foreign persons in Bulgaria and abroad.

12.05.2004: Plovdiv District Court allows the application of the presented...
28.06.2002: Pleven District Court registered changes for Heros LTD, Pleven:...
26.05.1998: The Ministry of Transport announces the deal closed in the...
15.04.1998: Plovdiv District Court registered a limited liability company...
27.12.1996: Plovdiv District Court registered in the companies register the...

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