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Chimplast JSC - Dobrich


Dobrich, 9300
ul. Sv.Pavel Atanasov 20
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Company Figures

BULSTAT: 124053375
Capital (BGN): 50 400

Branch: Manufacture of plastic products
General Meetings: Last - 21.06.2019 
Products and services:
Manufacture of plastic products, purchase of goods for resale in initial or processed kind, transportation, tourist service,advertising, shipping, warehouses, leasing, deals with intellectual property, production control, wholesale and reatil trade in the country and abroad, participation in the privatization of Acuplast JSC- Dobrich.
Registered Actitity: Participation in the privatization of "Akumplast" JSC (Dobrich).

07.12.2010: Chimplast JSC - Dobrich has appointed Annual general meeting on...
19.05.2009: Chimplast-Dobrich JSC - Dobrich has appointed Annual general...

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