Web Finance Holding AD-Sofia (9M7B) In view of a forthcoming interest payment of an issue of bonds, please... more
 Fund Estates REIT-Sofia (6BMA) Due to lack of a quorum, the extraordinary GMS convened by Fund Estates REIT... more
 Number of deposists shrinks, though their volume continues to grow Number of deposits in Bulgaria shrank... more
 Svinecomplex Nikolovo AD-Nikolovo (6SNA) BSE-Sofia has received the materials of the appointed regular... more
 Web Finance Holding AD-Sofia (9M7B) In view of a forthcoming partial repayment of the principal of an issue... more
 Rio Tinto Swings to Annual Loss, Alters Dividend Policy Rio Tinto on Thursday lowered its dividend and... more
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14.02: Vila Kibela SPJSC - Yambol
15.02: AQ Magnite JSC - Godech
15.02: Bosko Stroy SPLTD - Sofia [Insolvent]
15.02: Mayfair Globe JSC - Sofia
15.02: Metron Properties SPJSC - Sofia [Procedure of insolvency]
15.02: Niproruda JSC - Sofia
15.02: Quadrant Beverages JSC - Lozen - SG
15.02: SK-13 Hold ing JSC - Sofia
15.02: Vadis JSC - Rousse
15.02: Vilmash JSC - Pernik

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  18.02: 33 years since the opening of the mine complex Elatzite
01.03: 3 years from the start of Mycompetence.bg
01.03: Baba Marta (Grandma Marta)
01.03: 13 Years FSC
03.03: March 3 - National Holiday of Bulgaria
08.03: International Women's Day
24.03: 8 years from the creation of the Bulgarian Institute for Foreign Trade (BIFT)
05.08: Opening XXXI-summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
29.10: Elections for President of Bulgaria
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 Balgarska roza SPLTD - Sofia
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 Instituit d'expertise clinique Bulgarie I.E.C JSC - Sofia
 Lea 1 SPLTD - Sofia
 Florgarden SPLTD - Sofia
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