Bulgarian Enterprises Information System

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BEIS offers opportunity to the companies to advertise their products and services, their market policy through creation of a link to their own home page in the Internet. E-mail address in the profile of every company in BEIS allows a fast, cheap and direct feedback for orders, suggestions and inquiries.

All Internet users can view for free in both Bulgarian and English certain basic information:
 head office;
 stock exchange code (for companies admitted for trading on BSE - Sofia);
 branch and activities;
 capital and face value;
 last general shareholders' meeting;
 forthcoming general meeting
Only clients of BEIS have access to the address, telephone/fax numbers, e-mail of the company.

Data about the management bodies of the company is available to BEIS clients only.
Besides positions of all persons and legal entities in the company’s management, BEIS clients can obtain information about their participation in other companies as managers and shareholders as well as easily obtain information about the particular company.

Data about major shareholders - persons and legal entities, as well as information about their participation in other companies are available to BEIS clients only.
BEIS gives access to information about stake in the company’s capital as well as easy access to data about related persons and companies.

Financial data (balance sheets and P/L accounts) are presented in accordance with Bulgarian accounting standards. BEIS clients can select a particular year or obtain data from the last couple of years. The received data can be processed with other software.
BEIS subscribers could also use the new service for calculation of the basic financial ratios - profitability, liquidity, debt ratios, turnover, effectiveness, financial stability, etc. The ratios are calculated on the basis of official financial data for the last three years.

All Internet users have access to general stock exchange information about companies, admitted for trading on Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia.

A standard company's profile could be generated by subscribers themselves.The profile would include the following data: name, contact details, branch, management, major shareholders and participation in other companies, balance sheet, profit and loss account for the last three years, financial ratios and the last twenty company’s news. The use of this service gives the following additional advantages:
- free access up to the end of the respective month to all data about the selected company (in English or Bulgarian);
- the company is included in your personal list of selected companies until the end of the respective month. The personalized list of companies allows subscribers to view free of charge all current changes or news for the selected companies;

This new BEIS service allows you to add a company to your personal list of selected companies. The button "Company Watch" from the main menu allows you to receive individual information for latest changes and news for the companies selected by you. There is a fixed monthly fee for this service. The service also allows free access to all data about the respective company in a selected language (English or Bulgarian).